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The Featured Herb:  Dong Quai


Dong Quai has long been named the queen of all herbs for females. This herb has a tranquilizing effect on the central nervous system. This herb was originated in China; it is a part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. This herb has been known to produce excellent results against every type of female complaint. I may help dissolve blood clots and loosen tight muscles. It is said a blood purifier, a cleanser, and it increases blood circulation. Dong Quai can help strengthen all internal body organs and muscles.

 Precaution should be taken while using this herb. At any time pregnant women should avoid taking Dong Quai. For women who experience heavy menstrual flow or have the tendency of having fibroids or endometriosis should also use this herb with precaution.  It should also be avoided by anyone who is taking a blood thinning drugs including aspirin or anyone with diarrhea.

 My personal experience with Dong Quai has been fond. Growing up in Mainland China, I, as well as women in my family would embrace this herb as the savior for our female harmony. It has a distinctive smell, and it always appeared as   dry and dark brown barks. The Chinese women sometimes use Dong Quai as culinary herb to stew with meat, as they believe as they enjoy the meat and broth, they also benefit from the medicinal property of the herb.

Because Dong Quai has a sedative effect on central nerve system, it is best to administrate in late afternoon or evening.


By  Dr. Tess Zeng Braswell , ND, MH



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